Beamer New

Beamer New ERCO Lighting Ltd.

In the context of light pollution, facade lighting and illumination of public spaces are in the stage of redefinition. Ultimately, the goal is to minimize or totally eliminate the spill light that is emitted into the sky. That was the background behind the design of this new projector. In addition the robustness of the housing parts are increased and the lightweight solution minimizes the load on the facade mountings. 






Stella, ERCO Lighting Ltd.

Some applications are very special in terms of the conditions and the characteristics needed. When architecture is raising to stunning heights, the lighting instruments have to provide more power, more efficiency, more reliability. Stella is a 10,000 lumen device for showrooms with dazzling lighting effects or other projects with very high ceilings. The heat management inside the product is key to meet the exceptional requirements.  






Lucy, ERCO Lighting Ltd.

Digitization goes hand in hand with a massive change in the way we work and live. The tools we are using in the work process changed from drawing boards and typewriters to monitors and iPads. Under this particularly influence a tasklight has to be focused on these new work environments, but we have to reach this goal with a minimum consumption of resources and a maximum of simplicity and ease of use.







Parscan, ERCO Lighting Ltd.

The design toys with the impression of a classic in museum lighting: the ”white can“. This archetype of luminaire is closely associated with the beginning of the modern age in America and the pop-art. Despite the fact, that Parscan appears unobtrusive the product is packed with a lot of electronic components and the latest generation of high-power LEDs.


first generation Parscan (2004)







Optec, ERCO Lighting Ltd.

This range is a ”multitalent“ when it comes to marketing as many lighting characteristics and lumen packages in one system. Separating the light head from the control gear housing ensures a flexible modular system with an optimised heat management while at the same time giving it a distinctive appearance.


The aesthetic concept is the result of a strict and bold implementation of this additive product structure. A few details give the Optec its functional quality. The program is designed for use in shops and showrooms but over the years Optec is successful in museums and residential buildings as well.





Lightscan, ERCO Lighting Ltd.

Lightscan lends a new flair to outdoor lighting, yet cuts an equally fine figure indoors where applications call for a higher protection mode. Elegant look and highly efficient photometrics join to form a perfect symbiosis. Its high levels of luminous flux enable the illumination of buildings, walls or objects even where these are exceptionally tall or offer few options to position the projectors.





Lightboard, ERCO Lighting Ltd.

Lightboard is a spotlight range with a huge variety of light characteristics and lumen outputs. The huge success of ERCO's spotlights with LEDs comes "from the inside". The highly efficient lens system and the completely new developed control gears are the foundation of the performance. The product design underlines these qualities with a reduced and "digitised" approach.




200 miles - design concept for LAMY

This concept for a ball-pen based on the idea to realise a maximum product life cycle. The innovative housing design contains enough ink for a 200 miles line. That means: an average use of 20 years. The stainless steel body and a ceramic pen point underlines the sustainable and long lasting value in use.