Draft of a dismountable cupboard system
made of pre-coated steel panels

What is the advantage of using pre-coated steel panels for the production of a metal sheet furniture system? Firstly, these steel panels are ready-made, color coated and directly taken from a coil.  You should however handle the steel panels with care so as to not damage the coated surface.

It is furthermore possible to work with new constructive solutions from which a completely new product concept can result that is flexible and lean and can be combined with a sales concept via the internet and UPS. In this way a new business plan can be created.

Logistics and Sales system

The flexibility of cutting-age CAD engineering in combination with a seamless transfer of data to the CNC controlled manufacturing plants and machinery accelerate the production process, and respond with flexibility and speed to realize special customer needs. 

The sales channel has a huge impact on the structure of product programs. The internet requires single products or modular systems, with simple handling for shipment and final assembly. From this point of view we have to take the massive impact of design and manufacturing into account when using the internet for sales activities.

How it works

This cupboard system consists of a self-supporting metal sheet module, which is patented. Two sheet metal components (1 / identical in construction) manufactured on a CNC machine are connected with each other (2 = rivet). The outcome is a spherically stabilized hollow part. 

This static stabilized metal panel is used like a flake board -known from the wooden furniture industry as a module to build different geometrical bodies that can be used as storage space. This design is especially advantageous for launching a product, which the customers can set up and install themselves.

Module and program

To market this kind of furniture, a prerequisite is being able to disassemble it in order to save space and thereby ensure an efficient transport.  In comparison to similar metal furniture systems, 40% weight is saved.  By using the pre-coated plates and omitting the welding process, preassembling the cutouts is lean and efficient.

Module and program

A cupboard is beneficial where there is nothing. The value of “storage space” is an empty volume, and the cupboard itself is only a casing. The design draft deals with the efficiency to build a casing under economical, technological and aesthetical aspects.

Steel Innovation Prize

The design draft was awarded with the 1st prize in the category "Steel Design" Steel Innovation Prize in year 2000.